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7 Tips for Reducing your Energy Bill in Autumn

As summer drifts away, and the temperature starts to cool it is a good time to assess and make sure your home is energy efficient as autumn arrives and reduce your energy costs and environmental effect.

Here are 7 tips for reducing your energy bill in autumn to consider;

  1. As an alternative to using your heater on or turning up, bring out your warmer clothing, put on a jumper, some socks and slippers or a blanket; close the curtains at dusk to maintain the days warmth; and consider the number of rooms you need to heat in your home.
  2. Using hot water contributes to a significant amount on your energy bill, so limit your shower duration to warm up and have some warm clothes ready for after your shower.
  3. Assess your window and door frames for any gaps. Simply adding some adhesive foam strips will limit a draft coming in your home.
  4. If you haven’t worn some pieces of clothing in your wardrobe for a while, recycle them to a local charity or a friend to enjoy.
  5. Substitute local car trips with a short walk or bike ride as an excellent way to even out the shift to more cooked and heavier meals over the cooler months. This is a great idea to staying fit and also looking after the environment.
  6. Evaluate your heating system to ensure it has been serviced regularly and running efficiently. Review the manual or seek the services of a professional tradesperson to inspect.
  7. Your clothes dryer are one of the biggest energy users in the home. Therefore use your clothes line while the weather is still good or clothes racks in your previously heated rooms.
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