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How to Save Energy During the Christmas/ New Year Holidays

The Christmas holiday period is usually a time for higher energy usage, but there are ways to reduce your energy consumption and save you money. Here are a few tips to help during the celebrations:

  1. Merge shopping trips.
  2. Organise your shopping visits sensibly. Multiple short trips can use double the amount of fuel as a longer one that travels the same distance. Go by the shop on your way home from work to save. Also invite family and friends to save time and travel costs.

  3. Stroll the neighbourhood to see the Christmas Lights
  4. Don’t drive the car and enjoy a walk around your local area to see the Christmas lights.

  5. Cook numerous dishes at once
  6. The festive season is a popular time for cooking from with the turkey, seafood, vegetables and desserts. Organise to cook a number of dishes at the same time in your oven. Also limit the number of times you open the oven door, as this makes the oven to work harder therefore more energy is consumed.

  7. Keep Pots covered when cooking
  8. The food will cook quicker with the lid on (therefore using less energy).

  9. Using Portable or Ceiling Fans
  10. Fans are a great way of routinely cooling you down. They are cost effective to purchase compared to air-conditioners. Fans are also inexpensive to operate, run quietly and are suitable for many rooms in your home. They cool you down by circulating air over your body. They are not required to be left on when you’re not in the room, because fans don’t in reality decrease room temperatures.

  11. Change to LED Christmas Lights
  12. The LED Christmas lights use substantially less power than standard Christmas lights.

  13. Control the duration your Christmas lights are in use
  14. Postpone until night-time to put on your Christmas lights and turn them off prior going to bed. You could also turn off the main room lights when the Christmas Lights are on.

  15. Purchase presents that won’t use electricity or batteries
  16. With the festive season representing when batteries are commonly bought. This makes for a substantial amount of energy consumed. Seek alternative gift ideas and reduce your costs.

  17. Buy a charger and rechargeable batteries
  18. Should you purchase or be given gifts that need batteries, think about buying rechargeable batteries and a charger.

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