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Electricity Rate Rise, what can I do?

Unfortunately homes and business can’t hide from the electricity rate rise. Electricity rates are on the increase again, electricity and gas prices have gone up a significant amount over the last five years (in some parts of Australia as much as fifty precent.) the bad news is that there is no indication that prices will go down anytime soon.

So what are you doing about your rising electricity costs?

There are several ways you can reduce the impact of an electricity rate rise and here is a few ways that will help you avoid a huge electricity bill being delivered to your mail box.

1) Shop around for lower electricity rates.

As deregulation is in place in many states of Australia this means there are a number of active retailers offering lower rates or great discounts in order to pick up new customers.

2) Use energy Efficient Appliances.

As its compulsory for appliance retailers to display how energy efficient their products are you must really way up the costs involved in buying any new appliance. Just because you see a large screen Plasma TV on sale doesn’t mean it’s going to save you money as the electricity consumption could out way any savings that you thought you were getting with the purchase price. The more stars the less energy it will use.

3) Be Smarter with your Energy Consumption.

The higher your electricity usage the harder you will be effected by an Electricity price increase, make sure you close doors and turn off or shut heating or cooling vents to all rooms that are not used regularly. As your appliances can use energy while in standby mode you must turn them off at the wall when they are not being used. A second fridge that is used for drinks can cost you around $200 per year, if possible only turn it on when its getting allot of use.

We hope these Energy Quotes tips will help you avoid a price shock when you get your next electricity price increase.

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