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This is the blog of where we blog about all things related to helping households and businesses compare and cut their electricity (power) and gas bills. So follow us to keep in touch with the latest news, announcements and tips in saving money.

Questions to ask when comparing your Electricity and Gas Bill

With energy bills skyrocketing all over Australia, energy comparison is a great way to save. Below, we have compiled a list of questions you need to know the answers to before committing to an energy agreement. Master these, and you will be negotiating like a pro.

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Electricity and Gas Industry – Terms and Definitions – Part 2

Following on from our article last week, we are breaking down the basic terms used by the energy industry, to help you understand your bill.

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Electricity and Gas Industry – Terms and Definitions – Part 1

The jargon of an industry that you are not involved in is always going to be confusing. Over this series of blogs we are to break down the basics – helping you to navigate your energy deal. Think of it as the Cliffs Notes guide to the energy industry!

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Did you know? About Natural Gas

Gas bills are often an afterthought when looking at your power bills. So, we have decided to pay a little attention to that often overlooked part of your power consumption.

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The Pros and Cons of Energy Comparison websites

Customers now have the freedom to choose their electricity or gas provider in the most parts of Australia. Energy comparison across the market can help businesses and families get a better energy deal. However, deciding on an energy supplier is not always easy, especially considering the range of electricity and gas offers available. This is where energy comparison websites can help. These websites make it easy to compare a range of savings and plans available for your home or business.

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What can Energy Quotes do for you?

We make the process fast and easy. We do a quick and free investigation into your existing rates, discounts and agreements. We at Energy Quotes highlight the fantastic savings that can be so easily obtained by using other retailers or service providers in your area.

Why Use Energy Quotes

Energy Quotes is not after the quick sale. We respect our customers and know that repeat business only comes by building relationships on trust and looking out for you – the customer.

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Energy Quotes Suits Your Needs

We don’t just want to save you money; we want to provide deals that suit your needs. Some offers look great on the surface, but they may not suit yours or your family’s usage, payment terms, location, or conscience.We guide you through the best options that work for you and your family.

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Disclaimer: EnergyQuotes compares your current charges with the offers of our partner energy providers, aiming to provide you a better offer to save you money.